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Their solution depends on inserting AI into a robot, giving the possibility automatically or on command to the robot to perform work intelligently to decrease physical exertion in several global areas.


"Zencey is a digital health and wellness platform helping chronic patients manage their conditions using ML and generative AI technologies. They built an app that their patients use to consult both local and foreign medical specialists as well as nutritionists and fitness coaches. They also provide a virtual assistant that analyzes patients' symptoms and guides them to the most adequate care."

Fruitful Solutions

"It focuses on doing quality assessments of fresh food using computer vision and AI. They help food businesses (growers, traders, retailers, food service companies, exporters, etc.) improve their customer satisfaction and cut down losses. Fruitful Solutions uses artificial intelligence tools, including computer vision and deep learning to build a grading and quality monitoring system for fresh food."

Anabi Agritech Solutions

"Anabi is a data-driven beekeeping startup. They provide a monitoring and decision support system for beekeepers. They embed sensors in beehives to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, sound, and weight to alert beekeepers on mobile devices."

IoTergy Solutions

"IoTergy Solutions is a cutting-edge startup that specializes in leveraging IoT technology to optimize energy usage and efficiency. It provides IoT-based solutions for energy management and optimization. They offer a range of hardware and software products that enable businesses to monitor, analyze, and optimize their energy usage in real-time."

Incredible Buy

It focuses on dropshipping, retail wholesale, and supply. To solve difficulty when shopping & difficulty to find what exactly.

Tawi Digital Health

Tawi Health is a software solution that allows patients suffering from Non-communicable diseases to access and connect to medical care services from their homes with Hospital management information systems.


Their solution is a tech-based irrigation system that helps farmers in areas affected by drought to detect moisture and temperature of the farm produce and notify them when it's appropriate to water their farm products.

SLG Mechatronics

SLG Mechatronics is a software solution that facilitates communication between the hearing-speaking world and the deaf world by translating sign language into written and spoken words and vice versa in real-time.


"Schoola is a gamified learning platform for K-12 schools.Schoola offers gamification to improve student engagement & performance. With Schoola, teachers can easily create and share engaging lessons while students are rewarded for their hard work. Reach lessons from uploaded resources in a few clicks. The student mobile app keeps students engaged with points, ranks, leaderboards, and fun features like duels and tournaments."

Smart Irrigation System

"A Smart Irrigation system is a way of making agricultural irrigation using an IoT System. It aims to maximize irrigation efficiency by reducing water waste while maintaining plant health and quality."

Comdatech Pty Ltd

"The startup has developed a fence intrusion detector that continuously monitors 50m sectors of the fence. LoRaWAN, by its very nature, easily enables scalability allowing the system to be expanded to include other agri-security measures such as diesel theft, fertiliser and storeroom monitors."

Automatic Tuberculosis Detection from Chest X-ray Images

"The startup aims to detect Tuberculosis from Chest X-ray images using Machine Learning. Their solution is about developing CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) to perform binary classification of disease (normal /abnormal) for chest X-ray images."


The AI web system for diagnosing respiratory illnesses works by analyzing medical images and symptoms to make a diagnosis using machine learning algorithms.

Solar net metering Uganda Ltd

"This startup is aimed at expanding electricity access in Uganda. The company is providing off-grid solar electrification, whereby an appropriate solar system is sized and designed for a particular home, business, hospital, or any other enterprise that is in a rural setting."."

ECOCUBE Technology

"ECOCUBE is an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) waste management company. Spotless City is a product of ECOCUBE Technology, which employs smart bin technology that enables easy monitoring of waste in a particular bin through smart chips that are installed in the bin."

3Farmate Robotics Limited

"3Farmate Robotics has developed an innovative technology that is set to revolutionize the seed planting sector. Their electric self-driving robots are designed to provide farmers and crop production companies with a more efficient and effective way of planting seeds, ultimately reducing labour costs and increasing crop yields. "


"The startup combines Big Data & AI to provide insights & trends to track experiences and behaviour. They provide auto-generated surveys for experience tracking and scrape data from the internet for social media listening combined with an AI model for comment understanding and labelling, for data collection, processing, and visualization."

Somali SmartTech

" The startup provides affordable smart home devices and intelligent products, such as intelligent lamps, thermostats, and security systems, as well as building management systems like energy management systems and access control systems, to businesses and individuals in Somalia. "


" A Startup of young Angolans united to expand technologies AI, IoT & Robotics to stimulate the cognitive development of children and young people. Promote the Technological inclusion of these technologies to implement and solve problems of assimilation and other problems faced in society. "

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