Terms and Conditions

Objectives of the Challenge

Is to nurture and guide graduation projects and startups in IoT and IA industry and build investment-ready tech startups in Africa.

Structure and Timeline of Africa IoT & AI Challenge

  • Registration
  • Business ideation and technical product development training
  • Filtration step based on the ideation phase
  • Advanced technical training on AI & IoT technologies
  • Technical & business mentorship
  • Filtration step based on the prototype development
  • Fabrication workshops
  • Access to fabrication facilities
  • Technical & business mentorship
  • Local demo days in each country
  • Regional African finals

Participation Criteria

  • Participation in the challenge is open for all senior university students who are willing to complete their graduation project in the fields of AI and IoT.
  • All startups that are working or aiming to work in the AI and IoT industry.
  • Participants must be citizens of the African countries contributing to the challenge (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa)

Requirements for Acceptance and Rules of Participation

  • Registering for the challenge is a Must and entirely free of charge.
  • Participants wishing to sign up for the challenge must complete the online registration form, indicating the personal details of the Team Leader and each team member. All Participants must accept the challenge regulations and grant consent for the handling of their personal information and for the use of the challenge organizers.
  • Participants shall ensure that the personal information provided upon registration online is true and accurate with no liability on the challenge organizers in case of its inaccuracy.
  • The admission of teams to the competition is on a first-come, first-served basis combined with the most innovative pitch in IoT and AI and is to be limited to no more than 10 members per team for graduation projects track and 5 members for the startups track.

Panel of Judges

The panel will consist of a mix of judges and IoT & IA from all over Africa.

Winners shall be chosen according to the majority votes of the panel of judges' discretion.

Intellectual Properties and Other Rights

  • The members of each team undertake not to present projects that have previously been submitted to other initiatives or projects that have been presented at previous IoT & AI challenges.
  • Ownership of submissions: Participants have the intellectual property of their projects and ideas.
  • License to use content and materials: Participants may use the materials provided by the challenge organizers such as educational content and fabrication facilities.


  • Permission to use information: the organizers of the challenge have the right to use the personal information provided by each team member.
  • Permission to media coverage: the organizers have the right to photograph, record, and publish media featuring the participants in every step of the challenge.

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