Automotive Internet of Things (VIoT): A Brief Overview 🚗

Automotive Internet of Things (VIoT): A Brief Overview 🚗

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Mon, 16 Aug 2021

The automotive industry has been shifting gears in the last decade. Everything we knew about automotive is changing, and advanced technology is steering the industry to a whole new era. Now, you can see fully functioning self-driving cars, intelligent vehicles in terms of security and services, and shipments tracking assistance for moving vehicles. There where the need to emerge IoT systems with moving vehicles and create what's known nowadays by Vehicular Internet of things or VIoT.

The term VIoT refers to embedding IoT technologies and systems inside automotive vehicles to develop more solutions and better options that would help in the making of more intelligent, comfortable, efficient, and reliable vehicles. This technology sub-field is essential to the automotive industry as cars get more and more intelligent. Which will benefit in elevating the transportation systems to another level where it's safer and more secure to drive. However, to achieve this level of intelligence, vehicles need to collect tons, but even millions of information from both the surroundings and internet servers. Therefore, they need to get connected. And that's where automotive meets IoT.


Vehicular IoT applications are favorable to both manufacturers and customers. And there are many reasons for that. For example, with VIoT you can have predictive maintenance by monitoring car performance, chips, and sensors then using AI to predict failures before they occur. This way, accidents and fatal failures can be avoided. Also, with VIoT we can achieve safer traffic flow. You need to use IoT to collect the needed data to avoid congestion before happening, therefore, avoiding more accidents.

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